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Enterprise Architecture & Data


Architect. Align. Adapt.

We believe that a well-architected enterprise and data-driven insights are crucial components of an organisation’s success. Our Enterprise Architecture & Data service takes a holistic approach, aligning your technology, operational models, policies, and processes with your business goals and strategic objectives. Whether you’re a private organisation or a large government initiative, we offer expert assistance in unlocking the immense value of your data while minimising costs and reducing risks.

Some of our capabilities

Enterprise Architecture

Our approach goes beyond just organising your architecture. We develop and maintain a deep understanding of your business, information, application, and technology domains, helping you to adapt proactively to evolving markets, industry trends, and technological change.

Technical Design Authority Service

We provide you with expert guidance to govern technology design choices, ensuring alignment with business strategy and compliance with architectural principles. Our oversight mitigates risk, promotes innovation, enhances efficiency, and fosters future-ready, sustainable technology landscapes.

Data Science & Engineering

Our team utilises cutting-edge algorithms, machine learning techniques, and advanced data engineering to extract valuable insights, predict trends, and optimise processes. With us, your organisation is empowered to make data-driven decisions and achieve competitive advantage.

Data Analytics

We don’t just analyse data; we turn it into actionable insights. With our data analytics services, you can inform decision-making and drive operational excellence across your organisation, harnessing the real power of your data.

Data Architecture

We design and implement robust data architectures that enable efficient data management, integration, and analysis. Our solutions support business intelligence and informed decision-making, ensuring your data works for you.


Choose Servita for your project

Choose Servita’s Enterprise Architecture & Data service for a collaborative, results-oriented approach that accelerates your organisation’s transformation journey. Experience a seamless integration of technology, data, and strategy that empowers your organisation to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Our commitment to understanding and addressing your unique needs sets us apart. Let us help you architect, align, and adapt for success.