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Agile & DevOps Transformation


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Our Agile and DevOps Transformation Services empower organisations to transform their software delivery process by providing hands-on, collaborative, and experienced leadership in challenging environments. With a proven track record in various sectors, we specialise in delivering successful outcomes for large-scale programmes, often at a national level.

Some of our capabilities

Agile Coaching and Consulting

Our Agile experts can guide your teams through the Agile process, provide training and workshops, and facilitate Agile ceremonies, empowering them to adopt Agile methodologies and practices. We tailor our coaching and consulting approach to meet the unique needs of each organisation, ensuring a successful and smooth transition to Agile.

DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps experts can help you implement DevOps practices and processes, increasing collaboration and productivity across the development and operations teams. From automating the deployment pipeline and setting up continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to implementing secure and compliant monitoring and logging systems, we cover it all. We specialise in a wide range of technologies and tools, including Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and more, to align with your organisation’s needs and preferences.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We can assist you in managing your cloud infrastructure and optimising your cloud resources to reduce costs and improve performance. Our team can provide expertise in deploying and managing applications on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, with a dedicated focus on security and regulatory compliance.

Continuous Improvement and Optimisation

Our Agile and DevOps experts can help you continuously improve your processes, tools, and practices. We provide regular assessments and feedback, utilising key performance indicators such as increased deployment speed, reduced failure rates, and improved team collaboration, to identify areas of improvement and implement changes to optimise the development and delivery pipeline.

DevOps Training

We offer comprehensive training sessions and workshops tailored to the specific needs of each team. Covering topics like version control, automation, continuous integration and delivery, monitoring, and security in DevOps, our programmes ensure your teams are fully equipped to maintain and improve upon implemented practices.

Post-Implementation Support

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with implementation. We provide ongoing support to help you troubleshoot issues, adapt to changes, and continue to optimise your Agile and DevOps practices.

Change Management

We understand that transforming to Agile and DevOps involves significant changes in organisational culture and practices. Our experts are well-versed in change management strategies to ensure a smooth transition, minimising resistance and maximising acceptance.

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