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Streamline, innovate, excel

Servita acts as a trusted partner, bridging the gap between traditional defence operations and the opportunities presented by digital innovation. Our expertise in areas such as large-scale change, digital transformation, and data analytics equips us to guide defence organisations through this pivotal transition.


Challenges for defence organisations

Defence organisations worldwide grapple with escalating security demands, rising costs, and evolving regulations. These challenges have increased the demand for innovative digital solutions that enhance operational efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and redefine the defence landscape to ensure a safer future. Digital transformation is key to addressing these demands, offering opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, improve intelligence and decision-making, and increase agility.

How we can support

Servita empowers defence organisations to navigate global security challenges, streamline operations, and drive innovation. As trusted partners for governments, security agencies, and defence contractors, we provide comprehensive digital solutions tailored to the rapidly evolving defence landscape.


Providing global support

Our international presence spans the UK & Europe, Asia and the Middle East, combining global expertise with local insights. Leveraging our real-world experience, we assist clients in transforming high-level vision statements into practical action plans, facilitating project and programme execution at an accelerated pace. Additionally, we bring an outsider perspective, fresh ideas, and proven methodologies from our experiences in other industries. We believe this cross-pollination of ideas can spark innovation and uncover unique solutions to the challenges defence organisations face. Our direct delivery expertise enables us to design, build, procure, and manage successful, complex, and highly available central defence services, digital platforms, and defence applications.

Why choose Servita as your partner

Globally recognised for our support in realising ambitious digitally enabled visions, Servita stands as your ideal partner for transformational change. Together, let’s streamline, innovate, and excel in the ever-evolving world of defence.


Our commitment is to facilitate transformative digital solutions that empower the Defence sector. We aim to enhance operational efficiency and national security, while effectively managing costs. Our goal is to foster collaboration with organisations, driving future-ready changes in the industry.”