HMC - Servita

Empowering Healthcare Transformation

Modernizing Systems & Processes for Enhanced Patient Care at Hamad Medical Corporation


Driving Operational Excellence for Patient Care

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), a leading healthcare provider in the Middle East, offers secondary and tertiary healthcare services in Qatar through its 12 hospitals, National Ambulance Service, and home and residential care services. With a commitment to providing safe, effective, and compassionate care, HMC sought to modernise its systems and processes across various departments to improve organisational performance, enhance service delivery, and ensure operational efficiency.


Comprehensive Business and Digital Transformation

Servita partnered with HMC to deliver a broad-ranging business and digital transformation, leveraging its expertise in Organisational Design & Process, Programme & Project Delivery, Workforce Transformation & Change, Enterprise Architecture & Data, Technology Implementation, and Service Design & Management. The EBIS Program comprised a diverse set of projects focused on integrating business applications with clinical applications and driving process and people change initiatives. Key improvements and transformations delivered across HMC included:

  1. Patient Level Information Costing System
  2. Billing and Revenue Cycle Management
  3. Finance (incl. Payroll)
  4. Activity Based Budgeting
  5. Human Resources (Incl. Self-Service) for 27,000 staff
  6. Warehouse Management (incl. Mobile Supply Chain and automation)
  7. Performance and Accountability

Servita implemented its class-leading Program Management Office (PMO) to establish and operate critical program disciplines, ensuring a cohesive, well-planned, and controlled approach. By standardising the delivery methodology across all projects, Servita facilitated effective performance measurement, risk and issue management, and interdependency management throughout the program.


Servita’s comprehensive business and digital transformation led to numerous benefits for HMC:

  • Improved Organisational Performance: The modernisation program helped HMC optimise its operations, enabling the organisation to deliver its services more effectively and efficiently.
  • Streamlined Systems and Processes: The integration of business and clinical applications, along with the implementation of process and people change initiatives, allowed HMC to achieve its vision of integrated clinical and business functions that support efficient and high-quality patient care.
  • Effective Program Management: Servita’s PMO and standardised delivery methodology enabled stakeholders to easily understand the delivery lifecycle and their roles in the overall change process, ensuring successful outcomes across the diverse and interrelated EBIS projects.

With the support of Servita’s subject matter experts, HMC continues to advance as a global leader in healthcare services, driving innovation and operational excellence for the benefit of its patients.