Quality Management

Quality Management

Servita’s leadership and delivery teams possess an in-depth knowledge and experience of working within the framework of certified and Best Practice Methodologies, although it is their unique aptitude to operate ‘far beyond the method book’ that clearly differentiates them and ensures that our clients attain unparalleled value from every engagement.

Servita Quality Management System (QMS)

Servita’s process-based QMS seeks to identify, describe, measure, control and continually transform our core business processes to maximise our performance in meeting both our own and our customer’s requirements.

The QMS identifies, describes and integrates the processes that Servita personnel perform to deliver both the internal and external services that Servita offers. It identifies the quality criteria by which the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes are measured. And, it includes monitoring, feedback and control mechanisms that both measure performance against our own and our customers’ goals and initiate continual improvements of the QMS itself.

Servita’s QMS is used to;

  • Ensure a robust and consistent approach to identifying and successfully completing customer engagements
  • Support Business Development and effective operation of the entire company
  • Provide Servita personnel with appropriate training in our goals, processes, internal and external standards, toolsets and values
  • Identify and impact candidate improvements to the QMS and to implement those having sufficient business benefit to Servita or its customers
  • Conduct internal audits of the QMS with the aim of remedying nonconformities