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Quality Management Service | Servita

Excellence in every engagement

We believe that delivering exceptional value to our clients goes hand-in-hand with a strong commitment to quality management. Our leadership and delivery teams not only possess in-depth knowledge and experience in certified and best practice methodologies, but they also excel in operating ‘far beyond the method book,’ ensuring our clients receive unparalleled value in every engagement.

Servita's Quality Management System

Our process-based QMS focuses on identifying, measuring, controlling, and continually transforming our core business processes to optimise our performance in meeting both our own and our customers' requirements.

The QMS encompasses the following key aspects

Servita QMS

Process integration

Servita’s QMS outlines the processes our personnel perform to deliver both internal and external services. It establishes the quality criteria by which the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes are measured.

Monitoring and Improvement | Servita

Monitoring and improvement

Our QMS includes monitoring, feedback, and control mechanisms that measure performance against our own and our customers’ goals, driving continuous improvement within the system itself.

QMS Benefits

  • Delivers a robust and consistent approach to identifying and successfully completing customer engagements.
  • Supports business development and effective operation throughout the company.
  • Provides our personnel with comprehensive training in our goals, processes, internal and external standards, toolsets, and values.
  • Provides the structure to identify and evaluate potential improvements to the QMS, implementing those that offer significant business benefits to Servita or our customers.
  • Enables internal QMS audits, addressing nonconformities to maintain the highest standards.
Servita Quality Management System

Proudly accredited

Servita has earned various international and national accreditations, standards and memberships, a testament to our commitment to quality. These accreditations validate our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service and excellence in all aspects of our business.

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