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Cybersecurity & Information Governance


Secure. Govern. Protect.

Our Cybersecurity & Information Governance service presents robust and scalable solutions to secure your digital assets and fortify your technology landscape. We prioritise risk mitigation and the implementation of effective governance practices, ensuring the secure and efficient operation of your organisation. Guided by the latest industry trends, our skilled team delivers the utmost level of security, governance, and peace of mind.

Some of our capabilities


We fortify your digital assets and infrastructure against cyber threats. Our security experts provide continuous monitoring and rapid response to emerging threats, ensuring a safe environment in a perpetually evolving cyber landscape.

Risk management

We identify, assess, and manage risks, implementing strategic controls to minimise their potential impact on your operations and reputation, thereby securing your bottom line.

Information governance

We build and implement meticulous information governance frameworks, conforming to legal, regulatory, and industry requirements. Our approach ensures data integrity, availability, and confidentiality within your organisation.

Training and awareness

We cultivate a culture of cybersecurity awareness and accountability within your organisation. Our tailored training programmes educate your workforce, enabling them to make informed decisions and contribute to your organisation’s cyber defence.

Framework implementation

We adapt and implement industry-leading cybersecurity and information governance frameworks that align with your unique needs and objectives.

Data privacy and compliance

We ensure your data handling practices align with the complex web of regulations, maintaining compliance while respecting individuals’ privacy rights.


Protect your digital assets

Choose Servita’s Cybersecurity & Information Governance service to protect your digital assets, manage risks, and uphold effective information governance. Collaborate with our knowledgeable team to secure custom solutions, ensuring your organisation’s resilience and regulatory compliance, amidst the ever-evolving digital landscape. Experience the Servita difference with a partner dedicated to your organisation’s security and success.