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Advancing Digital Transformation in PCSE

Collaboratively Advancing Digital Transformation in PCSE


Capita plc, the UK’s leading provider of business process outsourcing and integrated professional service solutions operates Primary Care Support England (PCSE) on behalf of NHS England. PCSE is a vital service that delivers essential support to primary care organisations such as GP practices, pharmacies, opticians, and dentists across England. Services offered by PCSE encompass patient registration, medical records management, GP payments and pensions, ophthalmic claims and payments, cervical screening administration, performers list administration, pharmacy market entry administration services, and supplies management. These crucial services ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of primary care within the National Health Service in England. To enhance quality and operational efficiency, Capita sought Servita’s expertise to lead and manage a large-scale digital and business transformation of PCSE.


Servita embraced the task and led an ambitious programme that included designing and implementing a modern applications platform, along with intricate data migration from legacy systems. We guided the development of a new Target Operating Model and orchestrated effective onboarding, training, and change management strategies.

Our comprehensive range of professional services included programme leadership, a central PMO, technical design authority, enterprise architecture, data migration, user experience design, client and stakeholder management, training management, testing and integration, and go-live support.

Servita’s robust management approach not only expedited the early stages of transformation but also provided Capita and NHS England with a blueprint to follow for the ongoing improvement of PCSE.


Servita’s strategic leadership significantly accelerated the programme delivery timeline and boosted the quality of services. Their cost-effective strategies and resource planning also resulted in substantial cost savings.

With the groundwork laid by Servita’s expertise, the transformation project was set for successful completion, paving the way for a more digitised, efficient PCSE. This milestone collaboration between Servita and Capita has solidified the path for continuous improvement and modernisation of the vital services offered by PCSE, ultimately benefiting primary care across England.