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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)


Effortless, seamless, connected

We’re at the forefront of providing robust and versatile Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions, tailored to organisations across various industry sectors. Our iPaaS offerings pave the way for seamless integration of diverse applications, data sources, and systems, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their digital landscape while driving sustainability and embracing future technologies.

Revolutionise your integration capabilities

Our iPaaS solution streamlines the integration process, connecting disparate systems, and automating workflows through a single, unified platform. This platform is designed for organisations seeking to integrate on-premises systems with cloud-based applications, connect multiple cloud-based services, or harness the power of AI and Machine Learning tools.

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Key features of Servita's iPaaS solution

Simplicity and versatility | Servita

Simplicity and versatility

Our solution simplifies the integration of diverse applications, data sources, and systems. It provides a unified platform for managing and monitoring integrations and facilitates seamless integration with AI and Machine Learning tools. With pre-built connectors and integration templates for popular services, we make integration effortless.

Efficiency and Agility | Servita

Efficiency and agility

Supporting both real-time and batch integration use cases, our Integration Platform as a Service solution is highly agile. Its customisable interface can support your specific requirements, making it a truly cost-effective solution.

Security and Scalability | Servita

Security and scalability

We understand the importance of security and scalability. We offer robust security measures that comply with data privacy regulations. Additionally, our solution is built on state-of-the-art technologies that ensure a reliable and scalable infrastructure.

Visibility and Optimisation | Servita

Visibility and optimisation

With our solution, you gain end-to-end visibility for improved troubleshooting and performance optimisation. This visibility also facilitates data transformation, mapping, and orchestration, allowing for optimal use of your data resources.


Experience the power of Servita’s iPaaS solution

Servita’s iPaaS solution is built on robust, highly-proven technology and supported by an experienced, hands-on team. It is the ultimate choice for organisations looking to revolutionise their integration capabilities, maximise the value of their digital ecosystem, and ensure their systems are future-proofed and sustainable.

Unlock the benefits of Servita's iPaaS solution

Unlock the benefits of Servita’s iPaaS solution

By leveraging the power of our iPaaS solution, your organisation can:

  • Integration and Collaboration: Our iPaaS solution allows seamless integration of diverse applications, data sources, and systems. It streamlines data sharing and collaboration across your organisation, accelerating the time-to-market for new applications and services.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Automate complex workflows to reduce manual intervention, improve operational efficiency, and enhance decision-making. Our solution also boosts your data analytics and reporting capabilities, including AI and Machine Learning integrations.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Scale your integration capabilities with agility and pace. Our iPaaS solution helps you adapt to changing business requirements and evolving technologies, ensuring your systems are future-proofed and sustainable.
  • Security and Compliance: With robust security measures, our solution helps you comply with data privacy regulations and industry standards. It also supports your business continuity with robust disaster recovery capabilities.