Healthcare care providers across the globe have adopted a range of paradigms for service delivery, but despite these differences they all share a common set of goals and face similar challenges and constraints.

All providers are under pressure to increase the scale, scope, timeliness and quality of the care they provide whilst also striving to reduce costs in a cultural environment of “do more with less”. Combined with the demand to drive home efficiency improvements and demonstrate value for money to patients, governments and medical insurers alike, providers are looking to gain more from their existing investments in technology and are developing ever higher expectations for the benefits to be delivered in the future.

Technology is evolving at an increasing rate from being a provider of administrative support services, to being an active and powerful enabler for improving front line services, quality of clinical care and the range of patient choice. Technology also continues to drive efficiency improvements into core back office functions to ease service delivery and raise standards of performance across the board.

Providers will continue to focus on improving quality, delivering innovation and increasing staff productivity across the enterprise whilst enhancing research efforts to drive improvements in public health and in so doing reduce the burden on services down the line.

As the use of information and communication technologies become more pervasive, the need to harness and exploit technology can only continue to accelerate.


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