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Innovate, optimise, and thrive

Servita empowers healthcare organisations to revolutionise patient care by navigating global challenges, optimising operations, and driving innovation. As trusted partners for providers, payers, and life sciences organisations, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the evolving healthcare landscape.

Healthcare providers and governments worldwide confront challenges such as rising patient expectations, escalating costs, and evolving regulations. To address these issues, they seek innovative solutions that enhance patient experiences, optimise operations, and comply with regulatory requirements, transforming the healthcare landscape for a better future.


Expertise on a global scale

Our international presence spans across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia combining global expertise with local insights. We specialise in delivering large-scale change, digital transformation, data analytics, and organisational design, equipping healthcare organisations to enhance patient experiences, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain a competitive edge.


What makes Servita different?

Our work encompasses the design and delivery of complex national healthcare programmes. From single providers to entire countries, Servita delivers lasting value through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions.

We assemble the finest global talent who excel at delivering large-scale, complex, and mission-critical healthcare programs. Our impressive portfolio includes many high-profile digital healthcare engagements in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and Singapore.


Managing innovative digital health platforms

The Servita team has managed the design, build, test, and delivery of innovative digital health platforms providing vital healthcare to millions of patients daily. Our contributions have revolutionised the health industry, fostering connected, proactive care delivery and improved patient outcomes.


Why work with Servita?

Leveraging our real-world experience, we guide clients in transforming high-level vision statements into practical action plans, facilitating project and programme execution at an accelerated pace. Our direct delivery expertise encompasses designing, building, procuring, and managing successful, complex, and highly available central healthcare services, digital platforms, and healthcare applications.

Globally recognised for our support in realising ambitious digitally enabled healthcare visions, Servita is your ideal partner for transformational change. Together, let’s innovate, optimise, and thrive in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.


“We’re dedicated to delivering transformative solutions that empower the healthcare sector to achieve more with less. Our focus is on improving patient outcomes and experience while driving down costs. We collaborate with organisations to positively impact the industry’s future”