About Us

Realise your ambition…

Servita provides a range of professional services that empower clients to achieve the outcomes they desire from large scale, and often IT-enabled, business transformations. Our services benefit clients across a wide range of industry sectors throughout the UK, the Middle East and Asia.

Whether you want to connect with new customers, transform the way you deliver services, implement innovate solutions, automate key processes, digitalise services, analyse big data, mitigate threats or seize new opportunities – whatever your ambition Servita is here to make it a reality.

We are known for our unique focus on “doing” rather than just “advising”, which sees us work with our clients as one team to undertake the practical action needed to initiate, define, deliver and conclude successful business transformations that ensure clients’ goals are achieved as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Servita is founded on outstanding people – leadership and multidisciplinary delivery teams of highly skilled, highly experienced and highly motivated professionals’ who share the same approach and commitment to achieving excellence in IT-enabled business transformation.

Rob Story

“We find our clients and partners like certainty, predictable results, good value and manageable risk. Achieving these are the key to our success.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our people who are highly skilled, deeply experienced and highly motivated. We take away our clients’ risk of engaging inadequate or inappropriate resources which can be a major cause of failure.

We are a delivery focused organisation and have built a strong reputation for consistently delivering value for our clients. Servita is a dynamic and flexible organisation that is not weighed down by the enormous overheads typically carries by our largest competitors, overheads that the client ultimately pays for but does not see the relative return.

By contrast, we offer our clients the best chance of success whilst allowing them to achieve much more for less.”

Rob Story, Group Chairman