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What is Sophi?

Servita Online Platform for Health Integration (Sophi) is a suite of interconnected services which enable the rapid deployment of assured healthcare products at proven scale.

By harnessing the power of common microservices – such as patient management, appointments and referrals, notifications, or patient systems integration – Servita can fulfil your bespoke product needs by joining together already proven applications.

What does this mean for me?

From a video conferencing solution to automated image translation – Sophi has a service which can be purposed to your needs. All Sophi products are scalable, secure and come with clinical safety assurance out of the box. Rather than starting from zero, you have a sprinting start, building on the back of proven products in a bespoke configuration to suit you and your business.


Product suite

Platform Integration Engine

Fully configurable data exchange utilising HL7 messaging from hospital systems in and out of your services.

Patient Manager

Single application for managing patient cohorts and access to tooling.

Authentication Manager

Single-sign-on management for all required applications, including NHS login integration and Azure Enterprise single-sign-on.

Telephony Service

Enablement of Virtual consultations and scheduling, including offline calling.

Notifications Service

Enablement of in-app notifications (via NHS App), SMS, Email communications.

Data Aggregation Service

Enablement of cohesion of data from multiple HL7 FHIR resources into a single data store.

Advanced Analytics Module

MI, BI and Predictive Analytics – fully leverage the value inherent in the data you process across the platform. Gain access to operational efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

API Management Console

Gain visibility and control over your API ecosystem, and let SOPHI API Management Console take care of the time-intensive elements of API and application development through automated lifecycle processes, including auto-generation of supporting artefacts.


Servita can also provide patient appointment and referral management, forms and questionnaires and Virtual Wards in partnership with Health Call Solutions.

Should Sophi not quite have everything you need, that is no problem; our teams of experts can quickly identify any gap and work to build on the platform to fulfil your needs.

Key features

  • Rapid deployment – Sophi’s approach vastly brings down time to deployment, cost and your carbon footprint by utilising proven technologies
  • Proven scalability – Sophi products are hosted using the same infrastructure standards as national healthcare products with proven uptimes of 99.999%
  • Compliance – All Sophi products come with clinical safety assessments ready to go, reducing Governance overheads for your teams
  • Customisation – Sophi can be built how you want and branded how you need – ready to suit your business from day one
  • Flexibility – No need to invest in bloated software-as-a-service products, simply chose the elements you need today and extend tomorrow

Other key benefits

  • Great for business cases – Utilising proven technology reduces your risk potential and lower cost will increase return on investment.
  • Innovation for free – Utilising our platforms will allow your business to benefit from enhancements as we make them, providing ongoing benefit beyond your initial scope
  • Economies of scale – Sophi’s hosted infrastructure enables your business to benefit from existing Servita cloud discounts across its customers. The flexibility of the platform can also enable you to self-host if required.