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Innovate, sustain, and excel

Servita drives transformation in the energy & resources sector by addressing its complex challenges and harnessing emerging opportunities. We offer customised solutions that meet the industry’s specific demands, empowering our clients to achieve success in a competitive, environmentally-aware market.

The energy & resources sector confronts a range of issues, including the transition to renewable energy, stringent environmental regulations, and rising global demand. To remain competitive, organisations must adopt innovative technologies, enhance operational efficiency, and commit to sustainable practices. Our tailored solutions enable superior service delivery, regulatory compliance, and adaptability in a shifting energy landscape.


Global experience backed by local knowledge

With a growing presence spanning the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Servita unites international expertise with essential local knowledge. We focus on large-scale change management, digital transformation, data-centric approaches, and organisational design, helping energy & resources organisations to optimise service delivery, ensure compliance, and stay ahead of competitors.

Our project portfolio encompasses the development of comprehensive energy programmes and the establishment of strategic partnerships, providing innovative solutions to organisations of varying sizes. Our dedication to delivering lasting value and measurable results sets us apart.


Specialist team to support the energy & resources industry

Our team of specialists excels at managing complex, mission-critical programs for clients across the energy & resources industry. We have a proven record of achievement in digital projects across numerous regions, such as the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and Singapore.

Servita’s team is proficient in designing, implementing, and refining digital platforms that capitalise on emerging technologies and trends. Our efforts have redefined the energy & resources sector, enabling seamless connectivity, improved service delivery, and increased operational efficiency.


Collaborating in aid of your success

Utilising our vast experience, we collaborate with clients to create bold objectives and transform them into practical strategies. Our expertise includes the design, development, procurement, and management of advanced energy services, digital platforms, and industry-specific applications.

We are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the energy & resources sector through our wide range of services. We assist clients in navigating evolving challenges, bolstering service delivery, and creating lasting value. Together, let’s chart a course through the dynamic energy & resources sector, fostering innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth.