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Empowering healthcare with limitless data connections

With Servita’s InfinitiEx, we’re revolutionising the way healthcare strategies are designed and implemented. InfinitiEx, a key offering within our iPaaS solutions line, combines diverse data sets into a single, comprehensive platform, enhancing decision-making, promoting citizen wellbeing, and bolstering health protection initiatives.

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Unleash the Power of Integrated healthcare data

InfinitiEx is not just a service, but a tool for comprehensive insights through advanced integrations that transcend typical health information exchange. By unifying clinical, environmental, genomic, and socioeconomic datasets, our solution paves the way for effective system design, real-time decision-making, and optimised patient outcomes.

Key features of InfinitiEx

Dynamic and agile

InfinitiEx is a highly agile, affordable license fee solution, built on a robust and infinitely scalable iPaaS technology.

Technical excellence

Our solution supports Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using a technology stack that includes AWS, Apache Spark, Kubernetes (K8s), EKS, Databricks, and Qlik. The backend is based on microservices using Node.js on top of the Kubernetes (EKS) auto-scaling for high performance horizontal and vertical auto-scaling.

Experienced team support

Our hands-on team of experts ensures you can harness the full potential of InfinitiEx.


InfinitiEx has proven compliance with international healthcare interoperability standards (HL7/FHIR). It can be installed behind HSCN and is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, ensuring seamless data exchange.

Customisable interface

InfinitiEx offers a fully customisable interface to support your specific data integration requirements.

Enhanced security

InfinitiEx is a highly secure, clinical safety-approved product that maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive healthcare data.

Experience the benefits of InfinitiEx

InfinitiEx is more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution that transforms how you approach healthcare strategies. Experience benefits that include


Optimised Resource Management

With optimised resource management, predict and manage pressure on health services efficiently.


Rapid System Integration

Connect your local and regional health systems at pace, ensuring seamless collaboration and data exchange.


Insight-Driven Decision Making

Harness valuable insights from diverse data sets to inform strategic planning and cost-saving measures.



Embrace new digital processes and data science advancements, propelling your organisation into the future of healthcare.


High ROI

Realise significant savings in both time and budget with our efficient and effective solution.

Using the power of data

InfinitiEx is a testament to Servita’s commitment to empowering healthcare strategies with limitless data connections. By seamlessly integrating diverse data platforms, we enable unprecedented data insights on local, regional, national, and global scales across multiple sectors. Ready to experience the future of healthcare data capture? Contact us today to learn more about InfinitiEx and how it can revolutionise your healthcare strategies.

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