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Clinical Safety Engineering


Empowering positive change

We pride ourselves on the positive impacts created by the products and services we provide in healthcare markets.

When delivering change into any organisation, comes responsibility, and when those changes touch millions of citizens, the risks and responsibility associated with identifying those risks such that they can be managed and accounted for is paramount.


Elevating healthcare transformation with practising clinicians

Our Clinical Safety Engineering service represents the very best in Clinical Safety and provides a wealth of experience in global and domestic safety standards.

To demonstrate our commitment to ensuring your healthcare organisation delivers change, however large or small, as safely and responsibly as possible, all our Clinical Safety Officers are practising Clinicians at Consultant level. We consider this level of expertise to be a USP in the field of Clinical Safety and complex clinical transformation delivery.

Delivery of excellence in:

Clinical safety documentation

Reliable and informed Clinical Authority to Release (CATR)

Clinical Risk Management System delivery

NHS Specialists and adept at DCB0129 and DCB0160

Safe implementation of products and medical devices