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Secure, Control, Optimise

Servita’s best-in-class Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives your organisation the support, data and tools at your disposal to achieve extraordinary results in operational efficiency and IT workload optimisation.

It provides a single solution for application management and data exchange, with a bespoke API management console that automates the provision of build artefacts, and removes all of the heavy lifting when it comes to your software and API development lifecycles.

Your DevOps, IT and Business Teams are fully enabled to build increased integrations quickly, and achieve real-time updates throughout the organisations application ecosystem, meaning increased visibility, increased levels of innovation and faster time-to-value for your business endeavours.

Revolutionise your application development capabilities

Our PaaS solution does more than streamline the application development and deployment process – it provides a powerful, collaborative environment that supports the DevOps culture. This allows your teams to work in harmony, enhancing productivity, and accelerating delivery.

Revolutionise your application development capabilities

Key features of Servita's PaaS solution

Application-centric, not just integration

Application-centric, not just integration

Unlike iPaaS, our PaaS solutions focus on the application lifecycle – from development to deployment and management, providing an intuitive platform that fosters innovation and growth.

DevOps Support | Servita

DevOps support

We offer a highly collaborative environment that supports DevOps methodologies, enabling continuous integration, testing, and delivery. This allows your teams to work together more efficiently, reducing the time-to-market for new applications and services.

Flexibility and Customisability | Servita

Flexibility and customisability

Our PaaS solution supports multiple programming languages and frameworks, allowing you to choose what best fits your needs. Plus, the customisable interface adapts to your specific requirements, offering a highly agile, affordable solution.

Security and Scalability | Servita

Security and scalability

Servita’s PaaS has DevSecOps as standard with vulnerability and container scanning checks built-in the CI/CD pipelines. The platform has vertical and horizontal auto-scaling as standard providing an infinitely scalable platform that flexes according to your demands, improving the efficiency of your IT estate.


Experience the power of Servita’s PaaS solution

Our PaaS offering, built on robust, proven technology and backed by an experienced, hands-on team, is the ideal choice for organisations aiming to revolutionise their application development capabilities and maximise the value of their digital ecosystem.

Unlock the benefits of Servita's PaaS solution

Unlock the benefits of Servita’s PaaS solution

  • Connect new and existing applications, reducing your IT costs and unlocking insights and analytics that empower you to further optimise your operations
  • Establish Business Process and Service congruency. A single platform for your IT estate provides huge potential for policy and process optimisation
  • Servita employ Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) as standard meaning rapid set-up and implementation timescales