BHRUT - Servita

Enhancing Operational Performance and Patient Experience



Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust (BHRUT) provides outpatient appointments to 750,000 patients annually, operating from two main sites, Queens and King George’s, and employing over 6,500 people. These facilities are integral to the North East London community, including a vast number of surgical theatres and outpatient facilities. In 2015, BHRUT implemented a new Electronic Patient Records (EPR) system, which led to substantial opportunities for operational improvements.

Despite the successful implementation, the Trust recognised the need for increased data quality and system validation. Servita, given its long-standing relationship and expertise with the Trust, was engaged to support the programme aimed at improving performance, patient experience, and to reduce overall waiting times.


Servita mobilised a team of seasoned consultants in project management, healthcare processes, and data technology. Over several months, we conducted a comprehensive review of BHRUT’s organisation, engaging with a wide-ranging and high-profile set of stakeholders including medical directors, performance directors, chief operating officers, clinical leads, and operational senior management.

Servita reviewed and updated operational systems, patient pathways, clinical system inputs, and engagement with patients. We also redefined standard operating procedures, data mapping, outcome completion and capture, KPIs, dashboards, and data validation. The goal was to ensure that the Trust was leveraging its EPR system to its full potential, and to minimise any errors that could lead to repeat scans or unnecessary referrals.


Through this collaboration, BHRUT has seen accelerated delivery timelines and a notable increase in quality. The Trust’s patient tracking list has been minimised, reducing wait times and improving patient care. Servita’s strategic support has also led to more predictable outcomes, helping the Trust enhance operational performance.

BHRUT has transformed outpatient care, ensuring optimal usage of the EPR system and improving overall patient outcomes. Our collaborative approach illustrates the power of strategic partnerships and innovative thinking in addressing healthcare challenges and delivering exceptional care, ultimately enhancing patient experiences and care for the local community.