ISHU - Servita

Creating a Blueprint for Greenfield Hospital Commissioning



The International Specialized Hospital of Uganda (ISHU), a 264+ bed tertiary healthcare facility, is a pioneering greenfield development project. Employing 1,400+ staff, this ambitious initiative will provide internationally accredited patient care. It is a strategic response to a national objective: bridging the healthcare gap that compelled Ugandans to seek specialised medical care abroad.


Servita engaged during construction, providing critical strategic services for ISHU’s pre-operational planning. Our involvement ensured the hospital’s readiness for its launch, with Servita’s contributions spanning various key areas such as Planning and Budgeting, Enterprise Programme‚ÄĮManagement Office (EPMO), Information Management and Technology, Organization Design and Operating Procedures.

Our involvement has yielded key strategic deliverables, which include the Target Operating Model (TOM), HR Matrix, IT Solution Review, Contract Obligation Matrix (COM), Programme Plan, RAID Log, and Dependency Matrix. Each output had a significant role in streamlining the project, from defining over 400 processes in the TOM and identifying critical managerial roles in the HR Matrix, to ensuring all contract obligations are appropriately met as outlined in the COM.

Servita were pivotal in shaping a comprehensive, fully costed pre-operational budget, and provided ongoing ICT support. These efforts ensured that ISHU’s operational needs were mapped across five critical areas: HR and Organisational Planning, Operational Plan, Program Management, ICT Solution Implementation, and International Standards Accreditation.


Drawing on our extensive experience managing complex national programmes, we were able to effectively navigate the challenges unique to a greenfield hospital project in Uganda. Our ability to rapidly assimilate into the project and understand the intricacies allowed us to provide valuable insights and solutions to ISHU.

By engaging key stakeholders from government, construction, legal and banking, as well as key medical personnel, Servita crafted a clear operational plan, allowing ISHU to proceed with confidence towards its launch. We also generated a complementary resource and onboarding plan, ensuring all staff can be efficiently recruited, trained, and enrolled.

Servita’s pivotal role in the pre-operational phase demonstrates our commitment to healthcare transformation and our proficiency in guiding ambitious projects to fruition. Through strategic collaboration and expert knowledge, Servita helped shape the future of healthcare in Uganda, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted partner in healthcare transformation.