The Education sector is undergoing major change, with state funded and private schools, academies and universities enhancing their facilities to ensure the adoption and provision of 21st century facilities.

These initiatives aim to enhance every aspect of teaching and learning, as well as integrating with the community so that families and students can take full advantage of educational initiatives in their local area or from across the globe via the internet.

Effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services within academic institutes is fundamental to today’s education, with the next generation of students set to interact with ICT as never before, undertaking daily tasks such as socialising with friends, purchasing computer applications, viewing online media and researching popular interests via comprehensive and interactive web sources.

It’s key that academic institutes ensure that their facilities are just as engaging as those offered externally, and enable pupils to harness ICT for education proposes.

Find out how Servita can deliver technological and process driven transformation initiatives required in the Education sector.

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