Barnet Council - Capita - Servita

Empowering Social Care

Streamlining the Mosaic Programme for the London Borough of Barnet Council


Delivering a Complex Social Care Platform for Barnet Council

Capita Local Public Services, a major service provider for the London Borough of Barnet Council, delivered a complex programme called “Mosaic.” The goal was to deliver, maintain, and support the Mosaic platform, enabling Barnet Council to provide an improved social care case management service with increased efficiencies. The endeavour necessitates careful management of commercial obligations between Capita and Barnet Council to ensure mutual success.

To ensure an effective delivery plan, Servita was engaged by Capita to conduct an independent review of the joint programme and provide specialist programme delivery management resources.


Expert Programme Review and Commercial Management Support

Servita’s experienced team collaborated with Capita’s programme team to quickly assess the level of risk associated with the implementation of the Mosaic Programme scope. By working as unobtrusively as possible, Servita aimed to provide Capita’s executive team with a more informed commercial view on crucial decisions. Key areas of review and involvement in the programme included:

  • Programme and Project Management
  • PMO, Risk, Issue, Plan, and Configuration Management
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis
  • Requirements Elaboration, Application, and Infrastructure Design
  • System Design and Integration
  • Vendor, Client, and Stakeholder Management
  • Testing, Planning, Execution, and Management
  • Service Introduction and Transition

Upon completing the review, Servita delivered a comprehensive report outlining their findings, backed by rationale, experience and evidence.


Informed Decision-Making and Effective Forward Delivery of the Mosaic Programme

Servita’s report profiled the perceived risks informatively and objectively, allowing Capita to evaluate its level of exposure to this significant programme of work. As a result, Capita gained a better understanding of the necessary steps to mitigate risks and ensure a successful programme outcome.

Furthermore, Capita benefited from Servita’s expertise in programme and commercial management. This support facilitated the effective forward delivery of the Mosaic Programme and meticulous management of the commercial obligations between Capita and Barnet Council, ultimately leading to timely and mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties. With Servita’s guidance, the Mosaic platform is poised to significantly improve social care case management services for the London Borough of Barnet Council.