Pinsent Masons - Servita

Unifying a Legal Giant

Servita delivers an industry leading, award winning Information Security Transformation Programme


Pinsent Masons, a prominent multinational law firm ranking among the top 100 globally by turnover, sought to evolve its offerings by delving into cybersecurity consultation. With the recruitment of Christian Toon, an accomplished CISO in 2017, the firm envisioned an ambitious security portfolio that would set the gold standard for Information Security in the Legal Sector. For effective execution and delivery within the stringent timeline of an impending annual security audit, Pinsent Masons turned to Servita, bolstered by their prior successful delivery of a strategic program at the firm.


Servita initiated the transformation process by dividing the broad objectives into manageable, prioritised work packages. Instant progress was made on the quick wins while comprehensive plans and resources were allocated for the larger changes.

Collaborating with business stakeholders was pivotal in ensuring the projected changes did not disrupt the firm’s operations or services and that security was not a hindrance but an enabler. The 10-project transformation plan, meticulously executed without service disruptions, was a testament to Servita’s diligent planning and engagement strategies.



With Servita’s partnership, Pinsent Masons not only fortified their cybersecurity infrastructure but also successfully launched a Cyber consulting team, offering specialised advice and guidance. The robust cybersecurity program reinforced Pinsent Masons’ standing as a legal powerhouse, resilient against cyber threats.


Key outcomes of the Servita engagement include

  • Streamlined Transition: All projects in the program transitioned successfully to BAU within 12 months.
  • Top-notch Governance: Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance protocols set industry standards.
  • Certifications: Adherence to international standards, including ISO 27001, PCI, and Cyber Essentials, among others.
  • Supply Chain Risk: Comprehensive audit and new methodology ensured rigorous oversight of cyber risk in our supply chain and upstream assurance to our clients.
  • Enhanced Tooling: Improved technical security across emails, web, access, and port controls.


Notable achievements

  • A finalist in the ‘Excellence in Information Security’ category at the British Legal Technology Awards 2018.

Servita’s collaboration with Pinsent Masons underscores the merit of a proficient programme management team that aligns with the customer’s strategic objectives and executes harmoniously with the business with minimal disruption. Their approach to refining the existing governance and structure, instead of overhauling it, testifies to their commitment and understanding of client needs.