Pioneering a Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Servita & IQVIA Deliver Excellence Together


IQVIA was contracted to deliver the National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (nphies) to transform healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This groundbreaking project aimed to enhance health services using cutting-edge technology, consolidate data, and implement a value-based healthcare system. The nphies platform, composed of Insurance Services and Clinical Services, would serve over 5,500 healthcare providers, 25 healthcare insurance companies, and numerous Third-Party Administrators.


IQVIA engaged Servita as its partner to provide programme leadership, PMO establishment and operation, technical insurance platform project management, and marketplace onboarding leadership. With our expertise in organisational design, technology implementation, and workforce transformation, we streamlined the project and ensured a smooth onboarding process for market participants.

Servita’s team played a pivotal role in delivering the nphies platform, taking charge of training planning and management, market engagement, and adoption support. We facilitated the functional and end-user acceptance testing, onboarding process planning, non-functional and functional testing of the nphies platform, and release planning and management.

Our team established a PMO to oversee this large-scale digital healthcare transformation, enabling effective management of projects and initiatives. We prioritised strategic objectives and aligned them with project activities for maximum efficiency. Our hybrid waterfall/agile delivery methodology facilitated seamless testing, certifying, and training of market participants.


Servita’s extensive experience in managing complex national programmes was invaluable to IQVIA, resulting in the timely delivery of high-quality outcomes. Our PMO services provided significant value, enabling effective project management and upskilling of IQVIA’s resources. Our coaching and knowledge management practices ensured the retention of corporate knowledge.
The successful onboarding of over 5,000 healthcare providers led to the adoption of new ways of working and a smoother transition to the new system. Our risk management approach, standardised Key Performance Indicators, and centralised toolset provided a high degree of control over the project.

In summary, Servita and IQVIA’s collaboration revolutionised healthcare in Saudi Arabia, leading to a more efficient and effective system, reduced costs, and improved monitoring and regulation of the health insurance industry. Our partnership was fundamental in aligning strategic objectives with practical delivery approaches, prioritising facilities, and ensuring efficient return on time, effort, and investment.