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Enhancing Medical Efficiency

Servita Facilitates Sidra Medicine's Adoption of PLICS


Sidra Medicine, a 400-bed women’s and children’s hospital in Doha, Qatar, is a leading centre for medical education and biomedical research. As part of the Qatar Foundation, Sidra Medicine opened its outpatient facility in 2016 and its inpatient hospital in 2018, solidifying its role in Qatar’s healthcare landscape.

Recognising the need for detailed, patient-level information to drive high-quality clinical operations, Sidra Medicine intended to implement a Patient Level Information and Costing System (PLICS). Such a system would provide comprehensive reports to hospital executives and clinicians, enabling them to reduce unnecessary clinical variance and promote cost efficiency. However, successful implementation of a PLICS required a mature state of clinical, supply chain, and financial record-keeping and processes.


Sidra Medicine chose Servita to help define their requirements for a PLICS, support the evaluation and procurement of a suitable system, and lead the system’s implementation across the organisation. Drawing upon our multi-country experience in procuring and implementing PLICS systems, as well as our expertise in healthcare reporting and analytics, Servita fast-tracked Sidra’s procurement and implementation processes to meet aggressive internal timelines.

Our involvement as a trusted advisor and partner included assessing Sidra’s readiness for the implementation of a PLICS system, reviewing the chart of accounts and patient data for suitability, setting out an RFP for the procurement of a patient-level costing system, and leading the implementation of the chosen system.


Servita’s support significantly expedited the implementation of PLICS at Sidra Medicine. Our deep understanding of the system, as well as our experienced project management, ensured that Sidra Medicine could start leveraging the benefits of their new PLICS promptly.

Servita’s contribution has been highly valued at Sidra Medicine, providing insights, advice, and guidance to achieve the best results with the new Patient Level Costing System. Our professionalism and dedication have solidified our position as an ongoing partner for Sidra Medicine, demonstrating the impact of effective collaboration and expert knowledge in optimising healthcare operations.

Through the successful implementation of PLICS, Sidra Medicine can now further its commitment to high-quality, efficient care for its patients, reinforcing its position as a leading medical centre in Doha.