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Leveraging Opportunities to Enhance Market Competitiveness

TalkTalk, a leading UK digital and technology service provider with over 4.2 million customers and a turnover of <£1.5Bn, identified opportunities to modernise its technology stack and architecture, streamline release and configuration management processes, and improve delivery management practices. Embracing these opportunities would enable the company to accelerate the production of digital products, optimise the delivery model, and increase ‘right first time’ deployments. The strategic initiative was further motivated by TalkTalk’s ambition to expand its fibre-network broadband services.


Agile Transformation and Cutting-Edge Technology Implementation

Servita partnered with TalkTalk as a Client-Side Delivery Partner, providing delivery and technology leadership alongside TalkTalk’s senior leadership. After assessing the current situation and identifying opportunities for growth, Servita implemented microservices architecture and agile delivery practices in a CI/CD environment across TalkTalk’s incumbent teams. This included engaging Epic Owners and Senior Leadership in the transformational journey and setting up and adopting Azure DevOps and HP-Test Director.

Servita co-designed a technology stack, including Salesforce, Vlocity, CSG Singleview, Mulesoft, and BMC Remedy(force). Additionally, Servita co-defined the Portfolio and Product Roadmap, Delivery Approach, Business Readiness, Onboarding, and Service Management strategy and plan, while also managing a meticulous pilot phase to ensure quality and consistency.


Enhanced Agility, Faster Product Delivery, and Improved Market Position

Within just five months, Servita successfully transformed TalkTalk’s digital and technology delivery capability. The roadmap, epics, Kanban boards, and initial sprints were underway, supported by a CI/CD pipeline and containerisation via Kubernetes (Mulesoft extension). A wholly redesigned configuration management process enabled agile squads to deliver at pace.

As a result, TalkTalk now delivers new products in under a third of the time, with ‘right-first-time’ release implementation made to production every four weeks. TalkTalk has fully embraced agile delivery with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, positioning the company to thrive in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.