TeleTracking - Servita

Creating the Blueprint for Healthcare Innovation

Servita's Design of TeleTracking's UK Delivery Model


TeleTracking, an integrated healthcare operations platform, is at the forefront of Expanding the Capacity to Care™, optimising access to care, streamlining delivery, and connecting transitions of care. As a global force in the healthcare industry, TeleTracking operates in North America, the UK, Germany, and the Government sector. They collaborate with over 200 health systems, including the top three largest in the country, and more than 1,100 individual hospitals. Annually, they manage millions of patient stays represented by over 200,000 beds. Their aim was to advance their delivery model in the UK by incorporating their products into hospitals safely, efficiently, and flexibly. For this task, they enlisted the proven expertise of Servita.


Servita, recognised for its excellence in delivering successful high-profile healthcare digital transformations, was engaged to collaborate with TeleTracking in its international business, harnessing its specialised experience to co-create an improved delivery model. This collaboration spanned various business and technical areas, identifying and elaborating working practices, spotting opportunities for enhancements, and integrating these improvements into a new delivery model. This model embraced all the technical, programme management, and change management activities required for repeatable success, delivering significant value to both TeleTracking and its healthcare customers.


The outcome of this partnership was an impressive blend of structure and flexibility, a delivery model that ensured the effective implementation of TeleTracking’s innovative products into hospitals and healthcare systems, leading to predictable and reliable delivery every time.

The partnership also led to TeleTracking’s appointment of Servita as its International Delivery Partner. This testifies to Servita’s transformative approach, ability to work seamlessly as an extension of a team and deliver superior results. With Servita’s involvement, TeleTracking has strengthened its commitment to building true operational visibility. Together, they continue to reimagine healthcare operations, allowing providers to meet patients wherever they seek care.