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Driving Emission Reductions in London

ULEZ and the Extension of the Congestion Charge Scheme


Expanding the Congestion Charge Scheme to Improve Air Quality

Transport for London (TfL) contracted Capita to manage significant aspects of the Congestion Charge Scheme in the city. With a growing need to address air quality concerns, TfL introduced the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) initiative, a 24/7 operation covering all areas within the North and South Circular Roads. To accommodate the new ULEZ requirements, Capita needed to enhance its technical solution, business processes, and operations, calling for a major program to deliver these changes.


Expert Programme Quality Assurance and Collaborative Strategy Development

Capita engaged Servita to perform a Quality Assurance (QA) review of the proposed programme before initiating a full agreement with TfL. Servita assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experienced specialists in Strategy & Innovation, Programme & Project Delivery, Enterprise Architecture & Data, Cybersecurity & Information Governance, Commercial Management & Procurement, and Service Design & Management to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the following areas:

  • Programme and Project Management
  • PMO, Risk, Issue, Plan, and Configuration Management
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis
  • Requirements Elaboration, Application, and Infrastructure Design
  • System Design and Integration
  • Vendor, Client, and Stakeholder Management
  • Cyber Security and Non-functional Requirements Definition
  • Testing, Planning, Execution, and Management
  • Service Introduction and Transition

Working collaboratively with Capita’s programme delivery team, Servita provided an expert opinion on the level of risk associated with the programme, supplementing Capita’s assessment.


Comprehensive Analysis and Enhanced Confidence in Programme Delivery

Upon completing the review, Servita presented Capita with a detailed report of its findings, supporting conclusions with rationale and evidence. This process allowed Capita’s programme team to evaluate their strategy, plan, approach, and resources before committing to the project with TfL.

The report identified risks and provided an objective evaluation of Capita’s exposure to this significant programme of work. By offering point assessments and executive-level assurance, Servita’s involvement not only enhanced Capita’s confidence in programme delivery but also contributed to the successful implementation of the ULEZ initiative, ultimately revolutionising urban mobility and improving air quality in London.