Azets - Servita

One business from many

Servita helps Azets Transform into a Top 10 UK Accountancy Powerhouse


Azets, an ambitious accountancy, tax, and business advisory services firm, embarked on an aggressive acquisition strategy to expand its reach in the UK’s vast SME market. As the fastest-growing accountancy services firm in the UK, Azets aimed to consolidate its numerous acquisitions into a single, cohesive business model supported by common platforms, innovative technology, and a personal touch delivered through local offices. To rapidly achieve this vision, Azets chose Servita for our expertise in business transformation and digital program delivery.


Servita began by establishing the groundwork for Azets’ transformation programme. We collaborated with senior stakeholders to create a Programme Management Office and implemented a method for qualifying transformation initiatives. Working with initiative owners, we generated business cases, secured funding, and delivered projects with a range of services, including Business Analysis, Process Design, Enterprise Architecture, and Data Transformation.

Our holistic approach ensured that no aspect of the business was left untouched. Sales and Marketing, Digital Services, Service Delivery, Finance, HR, and Property were all optimised, standardising key business processes and converging on common platforms. This marked a significant shift from the fragmented methods and toolsets that had previously existed within the organisation. Remarkably, this entire transformation was achieved through remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also instituted monitoring and control disciplines for ongoing benefits realisation and continuous service improvement, supported by a streamlined toolset for project and programme management processes.


As a result of Servita’s partnership with Azets, the business is now in a strong position to deliver consistent, efficient, and controlled services to its clients. Azets has become a top 10 UK accountancy firm, and its newly established change management approach has become the norm for commissioning new initiatives.
Key outcomes include:

Continuous Improvement: Azets now has solid foundations for incremental service and operational improvements, allowing the company to measure success and understand what works and what doesn’t.

Data: Azets has transitioned from a disparate data landscape to a consistent set of common platforms, providing actionable MI regularly.

Notable achievements: Consolidated numerous disparate platforms into one common platform per business function.

  • Improved efficiency of core accounts compliance activities by 15%.
  • Captured over 4,000 sales leads within six months of launching a new sales lead capture solution.
  • Rationalised 31 office locations, securing over £2,000,000 in recurring savings.
  • Provided over 2,000 Azets colleagues with office equipment and remote working technology in their homes in response to the pandemic.

Servita’s collaboration with Azets demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships and innovative thinking in overcoming complex challenges, delivering exceptional results, and transforming a fragmented landscape into a united, top-tier accountancy powerhouse.