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Servita Transforms Vectramind's Delivery Model in the UAE


Vectramind, a dynamic player in the Patient Engagement Technology sector, based in the United Arab Emirates. Their flagship product, “firstpass,” revolutionises the healthcare journey by offering robust digital engagement for patients and providing healthcare providers with advanced analytics for operational enhancement. However, to deliver this innovative solution safely and efficiently to hospitals, Vectramind sought expert guidance to create a successful delivery model. This is where Servita came in.


Servita, renowned for its vast expertise in delivering successful digital healthcare transformations, joined hands with Vectramind. Leveraging their deep understanding of the healthcare sector and delivery model design, Servita undertook the task of formulating a delivery model tailored for Vectramind’s unique needs.

The delivery model construction process was comprehensive and well-structured. It encompassed detailed evaluations of the existing practices, identification of improvement opportunities, and co-creation of a new, streamlined approach to implement firstpass in hospitals and healthcare providers. The model integrated technical, programme management, and change management activities, aiming to enable repeatable success and drive substantial value for Vectramind and its healthcare customers.

The ultimate aim was to ensure the efficient and effective implementation and adoption of Vectramind’s innovative product, while ensuring patient experience was at the heart of the model.


The newly formed delivery model significantly streamlined deployments and improved user adoption, allowing for predictable, safe, and efficient delivery each time. It bolstered the operational visibility that firstpass brought to healthcare systems, further improving workflows and better utilising resources.

The results of Servita’s involvement were met with high regard, transforming Vectramind’s capability to deliver FirstPass and setting a foundation for Vectramind’s continued success.