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Accelerating Digital Adoption at the UK MoD

Ministry of Defence


The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is formulating a robust 10-year strategy aimed at unleashing innovation and catalysing digitalisation. Servita’s Defence specialists have consistently provided expert guidance to several critical programmes at the MoD. Our objective has been to rethink the present design and architecture of the landscape, optimise relationships and resources, and set the course for success in the emerging digital era.


Aligning Initiatives, Consolidating Assets, and Enhancing Capabilities

In response to the publication of the “Future Soldier” report in 2021, Servita experts scrutinised the prospective defence landscape with specific attention to aligning parallel initiatives for asset and expenditure consolidation. We examined intellectual property (IP) ownership and supply chain integrity to pinpoint strategic improvement opportunities, and proposed enhanced integration of compatible solutions within existing domains. Our review suggested possibilities for cost reduction by incorporating life cycle costs of acquisition and life support (including disposal) for new and existing capabilities.

Recognising the urgency to accelerate digital solution adoption, we proposed innovative procurement avenues for commercial providers, bolstering capability, capacity, and agility. Our collaboration with high-level stakeholders encompassed extensive reviews, such as:

  • Compilation of key commercial contract summaries and compliance report production
  • Recommendations for restructuring, re-procurement, exiting or renewal based on supply chain performance metrics
  • Technology roadmap analysis and alignment assessment with broader strategic objectives across various programmes (including the MERCURY and THEIA initiatives)
  • Strategies for leveraging supplier relationships to enhance value for money and reduce costs
  • Development strategies for a robust commercial and contract management function, driving superior processes, decision-making, and fostering innovative supplier relationships
  • Review of costs and benefits realisation in alignment with original business cases and preparedness for future strategic expenditure



Upskilling Teams, Enhancing Governance, and Broadening Supplier Base

Servita’s engagement resulted in significant improvements, such as:

  • Internal team upskilling in commerciality, risk management, supplier management, and contractual proficiency
  • Implementation of revised governance and reporting models, technology roadmap enhancement, and robust stakeholder mapping
  • Market analysis and introduction of a new cohort of small to medium suppliers, in accordance with the Defence strategy for innovation route expansion
  • Implementation of an agile/hybrid delivery model to expedite delivery in time-critical projects

Servita’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience are crucial to our ability to contribute to subject matter expertise in this sector. Our team, well-versed in multifaceted programmes, brings innovative and consolidative solutions that are both intelligent and creative. This, coupled with our strong vision of future requirements and technological innovation, sets us apart from our competitors in this unique field.