Enabling new insights with a future-proof platform for NHS Digital

The Challenge

To re-platform NHS Digital’s Data Processing Service to something that was ‘future-proof’, scalable and would enable new insights through ‘big-data’ and advanced analytical processing capabilities.


The Solution

Our specialists provided agile transformation and user-centered design techniques, leveraging accreditations and over 8 years as a practicing member of the Agile Alliance to both govern and deliver the projects/programme.

Servita built the platform utilising CI/CD and DevOps best practice. Data ingest pipes were built in Python / PySpark. The data layer was serverless and heavily coded in node.js with Databricks on AWS which enabled a National Trusted Research Environment for big data queries across clinical datasets and clinical/pharmaceutical trial data.  The key clinical datasets Servita were responsible for onboarding to the platform included Community Services Dataset (CSDS), Improved Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and Patient Level Costing (PLICS).

The team delivered significant value for NHSD. Products were delivered 25% faster with twice as many User feedback loops ran during each sprint when compared with previous programmes.

The platform today is used by the Trusted Research Environment (TRE), which is a data science and analytical toolkit enabled environment, capable of huge processing and big data / machine learning capabilities, that is relied upon by the national clinical research foundation and many life science and pharmaceutical organisations. It has marked a step change in clinical trial research and the way the nation’s foremost experts can form objective and evidence based recommendations on how we better protect the country’s citizens.

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Enabling new insights with a future-proof platform for NHS Digital