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Investment in employees is crucial to long term operational success and workforce retention. Training and professional development is one of the most valued employee benefits, and staff will respond favourably when they acknowledge that an organisation is concerned about their career development and job satisfaction; in addition, an organisation that equips its workforce with the skills, understanding and motivation to achieve the best results reaps the rewards of significantly increased performance and productivity across all functional areas.

Servita provides comprehensive and value-added training services to its clients to help them invest in their employees and achieve tangible and lasting results.

We provide fully packaged training programmes and can engage with clients on specific elements of the training lifecycle from training needs analysis to training design and development, delivery and facilitation, and training evaluation.

One of the fundamental challenges of traditional corporate training approaches is that it can be difficult to measure the results, and consequently organisations struggle to determine if their investment in training is generating a genuine return. By contrast Servita’s specialist training and development consultants are fully committed to the belief that training adds the most value when it is connected to specific business goals and measurable outcomes, and as a result we help our clients fully plan and achieve measurable and genuine returns on training investment.

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Tony Ramwell

Tony Ramwell

Regional Director, Asia & Middle East

"Ensuring employees are armed with the skills and know how so they can be truly productive and fully embrace new ways of working is essential to successful business transformation. We take the opportunity during training to engage and inspire the audience to instil a keen desire to continually improve the way they go about their role."

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