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Testing and assurance is the discipline of ensuring that all project and programme outputs and outcomes, be they technical tooling or business process entities, operate to specification and within tolerances. The discipline also ensures that these entities are fully traced back to the initial requirements and that their design, delivery and deployment processes are optimised in terms of accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Servita ensures high quality testing and assurance processes are “baked into” the delivery from the outset by defining a set of clear, unambiguous, comprehensive and fully elaborated requirements early in the lifecycle. From this we derive a thorough and rigorous set of testing conditions to assure and test each output and outcome.

From these testing conditions, we then work to define test plans and approaches to deliver an optimised environment structure and facilitate and support effective testing. The next stage is to work with clients to manage or directly undertake the testing activities themselves, and in doing so install highly effective defect management processes and tooling to ensure that faults and other issues are professionally and proactively managed through all stages from identification to full resolution and sign off.

Servita’s Testing Consultants have hands-on practical experience of testing in very complex multi-vender project and program environments and bring to bear this experience and skill to achieve successful client outcomes in both testing and assurance.

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Naz Daud

Naz Daud

Managing Consultant

"Our passion for Testing and Assurance means we take a helicopter view of programmes which results in the breadth of test coverage being high quality and programme outputs being contract-compliant. We are straightforward, and we say it as it is, which sees problems resolved earlier in the life cycle. We take a hands-on approach and thrive on delivering against challenges which sees us proactively engaging with all disciplines to ensure opportunities for test and programme efficiency are leveraged and outcomes are delivered on-time and within budget."

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  • Test Strategy and planning
  • Test Product Definition
  • Test Management
  • Test Execution
  • Test Reporting and Defect Management
  • Assurance of Test approach and Strategy