Systems Integration

As the reach, scale and scope of information technology (IT) becomes more pervasive and fundamental to both the daily operations and strategic development of many organisations around the globe, the challenge of ensuring the multiplicity of disparate technology tools and business systems is coordinated into a cohesive whole has become a permanent fixture on the corporate agenda.

Systems Integration is the discipline that ensures that all new or modified information and business systems are fully and accurately embedded within the existing landscape and structured to support future growth and strategic development.

Accurate Systems Integration is an even greater priority in environments where multiple change initiatives are undertaken in parallel, and if not managed correctly may result in systems being brought together towards the end of their development life cycle that do not work together. Rectification at this late stage proves costly, time consuming and delays the realisation of benefits and competitive advantage.

Servita’s approach is to tackle integration challenges upfront during the early stages of the lifecycle through detailed and thorough requirements analysis and detailed definition of integration specifications – this combined with our highly effective management tools and techniques ensures that clients get integration right first time and reduces costly problems and delays later in the lifecycle

Servita’s Systems Integration specialists are highly experienced and have delivered success time after time in highly pressured, complex and fast changing business and technological environments. Each consultant possesses an in-depth knowledge and experience of working with a vast array of technologies and systems architectures. However, despite this strong technical background, it is our consultants’ unique aptitude to operate “far beyond the method book” that clearly differentiates our services and ensures that our clients attain unparalleled value from every engagement.

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Max Finch

Max Finch

Managing Consultant

"Connecting systems is easy. Doing it in an efficient, robust and smart way that maximises business benefit is much more difficult. We bring together years of experience and deep expertise to enable our clients to take full advantage of their investment in technology, connecting the power of an array of disparate systems to create seamless business processes that maximise operational efficiency."

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  • Integration Strategy and planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Integration Design Management
  • Build and Test Management
  • Continual Quality Assurance
  • System design and architecture advisory