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Information technology (IT) is advancing at an ever increasing rate, with many organisations around the globe harnessing IT to generate sustainable, competitive advantage. The demand and pressure on the IT function within an organisation has increased dramatically over recent years, promoting it from a basic business support function to a critical factor of success in the organization. Not only do organizations need effective and innovative IT to thrive, they can no longer survive without it.

IT Strategy is now on the forefront of the executive agenda, with executives keen to identify ways to exploit technology to fuel business growth, increase quality of service delivery and support overall corporate strategy execution.

Servita works with its clients to devise compelling and achievable IT Strategy, identify where IT is required overtime to directly support or enable corporate strategy and form strong plans, principles, standards and approaches to make this happen. Servita’s consultants leverage their real-world experience of IT delivery and implementation combined with valuable insights into current and emerging technologies to provide vendor agnostic recommendations to support the practical execution of the IT Strategy.

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Chris Leary

Chris Leary

Regional Director, UK

"In a digitally connected world, the expanse of opportunities that businesses can exploit and risks that they must mitigate is immense. Not seizing the right technology opportunities or failing to protect against emerging risks can be the difference between profit and loss, a thriving business today and bust tomorrow. Markets around the globe are being disrupted with established players losing significant market share to new, tech-enabled firms. IT Strategy and Planning is more important than ever before, with technology moving from a supporting role to front and centre stage – today technology is the business."

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