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IT Service Management (ITSM) is the effective implementation and proactive management of high quality IT services within a structured framework to support IT activities across the corporation. With a continually changing IT landscape and escalating business demands on IT departments and personal, ITSM has a crucial role to play in proficiently aligning IT services with the needs of the business to fully support end users.

To leverage best practice and install a well-defined framework of generic processes, procedures, tasks and checklists to support effective ITSM, the UK’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can be adopted. Installing such structure and operational rigour can be difficult, particularly in an organisation with undefined roles, processes and accountability. Therefore, an incremental approach to ITIL adoption and other structural enhancements should be adopted to ease transition and ensure a measurable approach to allow the organisation to evolve at each step whilst acknowledging improvements and increasing confidence in the new way of working.

Servita’s Service Management Specialists are highly experienced and skilled in ITSM and particularly in helping organisations transition to a well-structured and controlled ITSM operation. Each consultant has an in-depth knowledge and experience of working within the framework of Best Practice Methodologies such as the UK’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL),but it’s our consultants unique aptitude to operate “far beyond the method book” and bring practical experiences to bear that clearly differentiates them and ensures that our clients attain unparalleled value from every engagement.

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Nital Hooper

Nital Hooper

Principal Consultant

"In an ever more technology enabled world it crucial that effective Service Management is in place to ensure smooth ongoing operation of services. A system down for even a short period can cause significant financial and reputational damage. We are experienced in the most effective Service Management methodologies and latest technology and strive towards Service excellence in all that we do. We do this by buy working collaboratively with our clients to understand their business, vision and exact needs. Protecting our clients and ensuring they are successful is at the heart of our business."

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