Information Security

Approximately 50% of all businesses in 2018 have an outsourced provider that manage their cyber security, yet breaches are on the increase with the majority being due to fraudulent emails or websites, or others impersonating through email and online.

This is coupled with a low number of businesses, only 20%, investing in cyber security training for their staff with increased reports from organisations sensing training and materials as being ‘easily forgotten’ and requiring reassurance on the value obtained from investing in information security services.

Servita provides a range of information security and governance services, aimed at being digestible and effective at protecting your organisation through process change and adoption.

We provide expert consultancy and cybersecurity advisory services and tailor outcomes that best serve your organisation, not subscribing to ‘one-size-fits-all’ procedures and tooling, but utilising our capabilities and experience to help you adapt to improve, manage and maintain your Cyber Security footing.

Systematic Advisory Service

A structured approach to your organisation’s Security Health Check, culminating in an evidence-based report.

Periodic and Continuous Enhancement

Review, report and improve

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Max Finch

Max Finch

Managing Consultant

"Information security in the connected world is a continuous evolution of the threat landscape which requires proactive mitigation's. By keeping pace with this evolution and providing innovative solutions and services we enable our clients to ensure their security over time is not compromised."

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  • Security and Information Governance Policies and Procedures, digestible, effective and optimal to your organisation.
  • Options for adapting your operating model to ensure adoption and accountability within your organisation.
  • GDPR and Virtual Data Processing Officers
  • Engagement and Training
  • Supply Chain Risk Assurance
  • Supplier Assurance
  • Project and Technical Management