Implementation is the process of taking designed, built and tested products, solution and services from the ‘ready to go’ stage, delivering them into live production operations and managing the handover to business as usual support services.

Although frequently overlooked, implementation is the key touch-point between the world of project delivery and the world of running a business, and unfortunately there are countless real-life examples of fundamentally sound, well designed and well engineered endeavours having failed due to poorly timed deployments into organisations that are neither prepared, willing nor ready for their use.

By its very nature implementation comprises a wide range of disciplines including training, communications, business readiness, change management, environment management and deployment planning to name but a few.

Due to its inherent complexity and scope of interdependencies, implementation is often seen as more of an art than a science; however, at Servita we have developed a proven and repeatable process for ensuring successful handover to live service, based on the many years’ experience our consultants have gained working on countless major programme and project initiatives.

By working closely with our clients and planning for implementation from day one, our processes and tooling quickly adapt to each client’s unique culture and requirements to guarantee successful outcomes across all industry sectors time and time again.

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Alison Burns

Alison Burns

Principal Consultant

"Implementation is the sharp end of delivery, when all the pieces must come together in the right order. It’s when you transition from the current world to the new. Focusing on our client’s unique needs we bring together a wealth of expertise to proactively develop and execute implementation plans that ensure rapid and seamless deliveries. We work collaboratively with our clients to overcome challenges where others are often unable to."

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