Enterprise and Data Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the discipline of centrally organising and aligning technology components, operational model, policy and business processes with changing operational goals, corporate objectives and overarching strategies.

An effective EA function ensures an organisation realises the immense value to be gained from the identification of enhancement opportunities in response to changes in demand, specific business requirements and international best practice whilst reducing costs and minimising risk.

The EA function presents these opportunities and associated recommendations to business leaders in a clear, structured and logical format that fully enables informed decision making in the use of existing and future technology components, policy and business processes to support the business’ objectives.

Servita’s industry-leading Architects have a proven track record of identifying and creating optimum architectural solutions to what are often very complex business problems. These solutions make the most of existing IT infrastructure and align further IT investment to ensure the optimum solution is selected and delivers genuine value for money.

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Andy Ward

Andy Ward

Group Solutions Director

"The desire for effective business transformations has hugely emphasised the importance of continually assessing the suitability of new and enhanced technology. Organisations need to take care that before investing in the next ‘silver bullet’ technology they are content that it will deliver an acceptable return on investment within their specific business environment."

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  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Continual Quality Assurance
  • Enhancement and standardization
  • Solution identification and definition
  • Value for Money and Cost reduction
  • Executive Decision Making