Business Change Management

Business Change Management is a proactive management endeavour to change an organisation’s people, processes and related technologies to enable a new way of working that is often linked to a future state operating model or overarching corporate strategy.

Change management endeavours vary profoundly depending on the organisation itself, the people involved, environmental constraints and desired target outcomes. Servita provides a very practical and hands- on approach to Business Change Management, spending time to first understand our clients’ culture and unique challenges before establishing and undertaking the required practical and pragmatic action in step and aligned with existing internal management teams.

Leveraging our Analysis consultants to determine the specific changes in people’s daily tasks and or approach that are required to adopt the new way of working through business process modelling and analysis, allows for tailored and focused actions to be planned and undertaken across the organisation.

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David Howarth

David Howarth

Managing Consultant

"Transformations succeed when employees and stakeholders are suitably engaged and motivated so get your people involved. Get them to question everything. How can you do it faster, cheaper and produce better quality outputs that will delight your customers?"

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