Business Analysis & Requirements Management

Business Analysis & Requirements Management is the critical discipline of producing and maintaining a conceptual description of the business. The description must be sufficiently complete and detailed so that it cannot only be employed to establish fit-for-purpose information systems to support the business, but also to implement the most effective and efficient business processes that are required to support and operate those systems.

Poorly defined requirements cause many medium to large sized projects to fail. To prevent these failures, Servita has developed a set of requirements standards. These standards ensure that the right people are involved in producing the right requirement products at the right level of detail and at the right time.

The standards do not replace conventional methods and techniques such as UML / Use Case, RAD and Agile but rather they complement them by preventing the common mistakes that can and do occur which analysis method or methods are employed.

The application of these standards helps our clients to ensure timely delivery of highly usable software solutions that meets their business objectives and are properly integrated with their business processes.

Servita’s Business Analysts help clients diagnose the true cause of organizational problems by analysing and agreeing their requirements and identifying complete business solutions to satisfy these requirements and ultimately, resolve such problems.

We assume an open, collaborative and consultative working style to encourage stakeholder involvement that builds a shared understanding of current business practices and desired future vision.

We make use of easy to understand tools and techniques which generate plain language, jargon free products. Our methods provide a common platform which all levels of the organization and specialists alike can use to work collaboratively and communicate effectively.

Servita’s specialist Business Analysts have a proven track record for delivering standout results in highly pressured and complex business environments, Each consultant possesses an in-depth knowledge and experience of working within the framework of best practice methodologies such as Agile and UML/Use Case. However, it’s our agnostic standards and our consultants’ unique aptitude to operate “far beyond the method book” that clearly differentiates our services and ensures that our clients attain unparalleled value from every engagement.

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Adam Warmington

Adam Warmington


"A key success measure for requirements is that they are complete, unambiguous and appropriately detailed. We like to keep things simple and have no fear in asking the dumb questions. Our problem-solving workshops are engaging, amazingly productive and the camaraderie makes them enjoyable. Having subject matter experts from the organisation design the future state is the first step to successful large scale transformation."

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