Rob Story

Group Chairman

Rob Story is the Group Chairman of Servita, the Professional Services Company that enables its clients across a wide range of industry sectors throughout the UK, the Middle East and Asia to achieve breakthrough results from large scale business transformation programmes.

As chairman, Rob brings years of experience to provide expert governance and oversight in addition to advice across strategy, client development, delivery and talent development. Rob also maintains relationships with our senior clients, ensuring they are getting what they need from Servita whilst providing advice where requested to help them be successful.

He was introduced to large scale IT programmes as a senior civil servant in the late 1980s moving from an operational role in the Inland Revenue to their IT enabled Change Management Division. He was part of the Self-Assessment senior leadership team, responsible for all the IT related deliverables from third parties, which was cutting-edge use of technology by the UK government at the time. He then moved into the private sector with ICL (now Fujitsu) where he was Operations Director for their major programme business. During this tenure he was instrumental in securing £5 Billion of PFI contracts including DTI, Home Office, and HMCE.

Prior to being appointed as Servita’s Chairman in 2014, Rob successfully led numerous high profile multibillion-pound Transformation Programmes across the UK Public sector including for BT the NHS SPINE and SUS Programmes, for Capita the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), London Congestion Charging Scheme and BBC TV Licensing Programmes.

Notwithstanding this Transformation success he is best known for co-founding and building “i3it Limited” a leading innovative IT Consulting Company which was acquired by British Telecom in 2006 to become part of its BT Global Services Division. Under Rob’s leadership as CEO, i3it grew from zero to an annual turnover of £45m in under 6 years, with approximately 80% of this revenue generated from deals struck personally by Rob.

In 2006 he negotiated the sale of i3it to BT in an all cash deal on a 2 year earn out basis. In 2008 i3it achieved 100% of the BT earn out and consequently Rob featured in the 2008 Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite. Rob agreed to stay on with BT for a further year after which he declined further invitations to stay.

Rob brings to Servita the experienced and steady hand essential for operating in a complex international market.

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Rob Story

“We find our clients and partners like certainty, predictable results, good value and manageable risk. Achieving these are the key to our success.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our people who are highly skilled, deeply experienced and highly motivated. We take away our clients’ risk of engaging inadequate or inappropriate resources which can be a major cause of failure.

We are a delivery focused organisation and have built a strong reputation for consistently delivering value for our clients. Servita is a dynamic and flexible organisation that is not weighed down by the enormous overheads typically carries by our largest competitors, overheads that the client ultimately pays for but does not see the relative return.

By contrast, we offer our clients the best chance of success whilst allowing them to achieve much more for less.”