Across the globe, vast outsourcing arrangements are operational across a wide range of vertical sectors and whilst each outsourcing endeavour remains unique in itself, the objectives for most are the same: reduce cost, improve productivity and enhance service delivery on non-core services.

Technology is often central to outsourcing projects by adopting automated and integrated business processing tools over labour intensive administrative tasks. The evaluation, selection and implementation of the right technology is fundamental to ensuring the Outsourcing objectives are achieved on time and to quality.

Over recent years offshore development and delivery has played a significant role is enabling the rapid and cost effective provision of integrated and automated technologies to support Outsourcing initiatives.

Countries such as India, the Philippines and China have matured their capabilities and offer centres of excellence for IT offshore development and delivery.

Whilst a high degree of maturity has been achieved over recent years by offshore providers, challenges remain in that communication, culture and management disciplines can still generate issues and create friction in the delivery process.

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